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Definition from - tongue twister
word or group of words made difficult to articulate by a close sequence of similar consonantal sounds. Tongue twisters are often passed on for generations, becoming a rich part of folklore. Two widely known English-language twisters are "She sells sea shells beside the seashore" and one beginning "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." Some are more difficult to enunciate- "The sixth sheik's sixth sheep's sick."

Why teach tongue twisters?
In addition to being generally amusing and entertaining, particularly for children, tongue twisters also develop pronunciation skills and language awareness. For children struggling with particular sound combinations, tongue twisters can be a fun way to practice the troublesome

For Students:

Rhyming dictionary – Poetry 4

Tongue Twisters Appropriate for Children:

Rebus Rhymes and Tongue Twisters to Share with Children – good for lower elementary

Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff - Poetry and short stories by published poet and children's author, C.J. Heck. Site also has mazes to print, tongue twisters, silly poems to finish, quotations, and links for grownups and children.

Giggle Poetry Site - includes poems, tongue twisters, fill-in-the-blanks poems, and other fun activities for children.

Tongue Twisters (4 links: hard, funny, spooky, and tongue twister tales)

International Collection of Tongue Twisters (several on a page) (click and individual tongue twisters appear) (several on a page) (traditional tongue twisters)

For Teachers:
Poet Bruce Lansky – Lesson Plan: How to Write a Newfangled Tongue Twister

Lesson Plan:

Purchase a download of a song:

Pictures of a 2nd Grade Project

Papers Created by Teachers
Ellen Singsank - Tongue Twisters for Ideas
Ellen Singsank - Tongue Twister Form to Write on
Kimberly Miller - Page to Write Tongue Twisters On

List of Suggested Books to Use:

Books to Use:
Dr. Seuss Fox in Socks (collection of tongue twisters)
Avaricious Ardvarks and Other Alphabet Tongue Twisters by Sandy Sheppard; Diane M. Stortz (editor)